Lent 6C


Give up opposition; welcome the King

During Lent God calls us to give up our sin. His pointed attacks against the sins that beset his people help us put off the attitudes and actions of our sinful nature. His perfect righteousness as our substitute assures us that we are right with God and empowers us in godly living. Today, Jesus confronts all who would oppose him. On Palm Sunday he rode into the heart of enemy territory, knowing the opposition that was in front of him. Whether we welcome him as the people did or rebuke him as the Pharisees did, all opposition will be overcome and all will eventually worship him as king. Therefore, let us yield to him in every area of our live and joyfully acknowledge him as our King.


First Lesson: Isaiah 45:22-25 All who oppose the Lord will be put to shame. Therefore, turn to him and be saved.
Second Lesson: Hebrews 12:1-3 Jesus endured opposition and is now exalted. Let us do the same.
Gospel: Luke 19:28-40 Jesus’ followers welcome him as king while the Pharisees rebuke in opposition.
Psalm: Psalm 24


  • Psalm 24 in The Psalter: Psalms and Canticles for Singing. Makes use of a familiar refrain tune with a Palm Sunday-appropriate text.
  • Verse: John 12:23 see Seasonal Music.
  • Anthem: No Tramp of Soldiers’ Marching Feet, Timothy Dudley-Smith and David Music.
  • Many anthems are based on the song the people sang as he entered Jerusalem, containing the words, “Hosanna to the Son of David” and “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Consider inserting an anthem like this (provided it’s not too long) during the reading of the gospel at the point where those words occur. This was modeled in the Palm Sunday service at the 2011 National Worship Conference.
  • Procession: Palm Sunday is a great day to highlight children. Christian Worship: Occasional Services includes a rite for a procession with palms. If your adults wouldn’t be comfortable doing this, use the children’s choir. The setting of Psalm 118 in CW:OS for the beginning of the service is very fitting. Another great setting that seems to have been written specifically for the procession with palms on Palm Sunday is in The Psalter: Psalms and Canticles for Singing, composed by Hal Hopson.

Rev. Jonathan P. Bauer

Jonathan Bauer serves at Good News Lutheran Church, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

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