Lent 4C


Give up self-righteousness; celebrate mercy

During Lent God calls us to give up our sin. His pointed attacks against the sins that beset his people help us put off the attitudes and actions of our sinful nature. His perfect righteousness as our substitute assures us that we are right with God and empowers us in godly living. Today Jesus attacks the type of self-righteousness that causes us to turn up our noses at “sinners.” We are easily tempted to believe that we are all saved by God grace until that grace reaches someone we think doesn’t deserve it. Then self-righteousness rears its ugly head. Humbling ourselves before God will lead us to celebrate every time a lost sinner is found.


First Lesson: Judges 10:6-16 In mercy, God cannot bear his people’s misery.
Second Lesson: James 4:7-10 Mourn over sin and the Lord lifts up with his mercy.
Gospel: Luke 15:1-3,11b-32 One son fails to celebrate the mercy shown to the other.
Psalm: Psalm 32


Rev. Jonathan P. Bauer

Jonathan Bauer serves at Good News Lutheran Church, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

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