Lent 1C


Give up materialism; worship the Lord and serve him only
During Lent God calls us to give up our sin. His pointed attacks against the sins that beset his people help us put off the attitudes and actions of our sinful nature. His perfect righteousness as our substitute assures us that we are right with God and empowers us in godly living. Today Jesus attacks what is perhaps the most common form of idolatry: materialism. Love of money and possessions tempt us to replace God as the most important thing in our life. Thankfully we have a Savior who was tempted as we are but was without sin.


First Lesson: Joshua 7:16-26 An example of someone making money and possessions his god.
Second Lesson: Hebrews 4:14-16 Jesus was tempted like we are, but was perfect like we aren’t.
Gospel: Luke 4:1-13 Jesus perfectly worships the Lord and serves him only.
Psalm: Psalm 91


  • Psalms for the Church Year, Vol. 9. Has a gospel feel to it. Very catchy refrain for the congregation.
  • Verse: Matthew 4:10b see Seasonal Music.
  • Hymn: Consider using “Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle” as the opening hymn. It sets the tone not only for this Sunday but for all the Sundays in Lent. You might also consider using this tune (FORTUNATUS NEW) with the “Farewell to Alleluia” at the end of the previous week’s Transfiguration Sunday service (CW: Occasional Services has several tune options for this text). Highlight this connection in the bulletin both weeks to call people’s attention to the transition from the glory seen on the Mount of Transfiguration to the glory hidden on the journey to the cross.of the Passion History into five sections for this purpose.

Rev. Jonathan P. Bauer

Jonathan Bauer serves at Good News Lutheran Church, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

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