Rev. Michael Schultz

Michael Schultz serves as the Project Director of the new WELS Hymnal Project.


Pastor Schultz served at Mt. Calvary in Flagstaff, AZ,and until 2013 had served as a pastor at Sola Fide Lutheran Church and School in Lawrenceville, GA. Prior to becoming a member on the Institute of Worship and Outreach, he chaired the Hymns subcommittee for the production of Christian Worship: Supplement, and compiled that volume’s Guitar Edition. He is currently a member of the WELS Commission on Worship. Pastor Schultz enjoyed his involvement in the groundwork for a mission congregation in AZ. While possessing no keyboard expertise, he has an ongoing love for playing piano and organ, and for thirty years has played the guitar. He is finishing a project that will make available in a multi-version digital format all of the worship music of Christian Worship and Christian Worship: Supplement.