Rev. Donn Dobberstein

Donn Dobberstein serves as pastor of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Port Orange, FL. He also serves as the chairman of the WELS Commission on Evangelism, and as a presenter with the WELS School of Outreach.


Currently Serves:

  • Pastor, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Port Orange, Florida
  • Member of the Institute for Worship and Outreach
  • Chairman, WELS Commission on Evangelism
  • Consultant, WELS School of Outreach

Past Work and Service:

  • Presenter at 2005 and 2008 National Conferences on Worship and the Arts, “Worship & Outreach.”
  • Keynote speaker for 2005 “Evangelism Day”, Martin Luther College, “Be Prepared.”
  • Worship & the Visitor”, Lutheran Leader, Spring 2005.
  • Member of WELS Commission on Evangelism, 2004-present