Outreach That Any Congregation Calling Itself "Evangelical" Will Do

In an effort to clarify something that was written – and to be at peace with his own ministry (and, I presume, his conscience) – one pastor questioned another: “Do you think I am being unfaithful in ministry if the extent of my ‘outreach’ is preaching the gospel to visitors who come to worship?” By his own admission, he and his church had neither an active evangelism committee nor any planned outreach activities. Behind his question was an acknowledgement that some outreach should be done. By his question he was asking for a second opinion as to whether he was doing enough.

Rev. John W. Steinbrenner

Pastor John Steinbrenner serves as Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in Boise, Idaho. In addition to his service on The Institute for Worship and Outreach, he serves WELS as the vice-president of the Pacific Northwest District.

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