Worship and Outreach: An Observable Synergy

This paper was delivered at the Symposium for Worship and Outreach held at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI.

What should we do? We should go back to the crux of the issue, the hinge of the worship/outreach synergy, the holy gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the holy ground in which both worship and outreach are rooted and from which they spring! Through both, the gospel goes to work in the world: publically in worship and privately at kitchen tables, through fine arts that exhilarate and through personal conversations that clarify, through the Church that worships in the world and through the Church that reaches out into the world. The reverse can also be true. Where two are gathered in a hospital room for Word and sacrament, there is Christ with them in worship. Where two or three hundred are gathered for worship on Easter Sunday and there happens to be found “an unbeliever or someone who does not understand” is it not possible that he may be led to exclaim “God is really among you” (1Co 14:24-25)? The point? Worship and outreach work together to the greatest possible good: the glorification of God and the salvation of man

Rev. Aaron Christie

Aaron Christie serves pastor at Trinity Lutheran in Waukesha, WI. He also serves the synod as a member of the WELS Commission on Worship and a frequent presenter and consultant for the WELS School of Worship Enrichment.

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