The Future of Worship in WELS

What will this book and its array of resources do? If it carries the gospel to the broken-hearted, and it will, then it will serve for the glory of God and the edification of man.

When synod president Carl Mischke presented Rev. Kurt Eggert with a copy of CW during Eggert’s last days in the church militant, the calendar year read 1993. The scripture message of that hymnal would be handed down to a people yet unborn. One of those yet unborn was a son of mine who was born in 1995, who has used those materials throughout his seventeen and a half years, who, God-willing, will be a few years into serving as a pastor when the next set of resources is ready to be released. If God is willing and if the ultrasound was read correctly, an older son of mine will be placing a grandson in our arms later this year, a boy who will discover this hymnal when he is a fifth grader and will perhaps use it till he’s a man of forty.

People yet unborn will obviously not be the only worshipers who make use of the items this project will make available. The resources will be presented to the church body in order to serve members and guests alike. The far-reaching implications of how a new hymnal will also serve a generation in the future both drive us to our knees and call for our best efforts. The prayers we address to our Savior will be answered and the best efforts we put forward in his name will never be in vain. May Jesus Christ be praised!

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Rev. Michael Schultz

Michael Schultz serves as the Project Director of the new WELS Hymnal Project.

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