Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, and the Use of Variety in Worship

That got me thinking. (I would like to believe that I was multi-tasking, but I don’t know that I was as focused on worship as I was on this “phenomenon” I had just witnessed.) The members of the congregation the Lord graciously called me to serve all needed the hymnal. I needed the hymnal. We didn’t have the service memorized the way these visitors from a WELS church in Wisconsin did. The questions came rushing to me: Had I failed the people that the Lord had entrusted to my care? Had I introduced so much variety (understood from a WELS perspective) that I had robbed members of the congregation of thorough knowledge of one service? Had my “liturgical hopscotch,” a term employed by one member to describe the congregation’s worship life, actually undermined the goals I had in mind for worship? Can Tim Tebow actually be a starting quarterback in the NFL?

Rev. Earle Treptow

Pastor Treptow serves Zion Lutheran in Denver, CO, and serves the synod as Nebraska District President.

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