Annual Meeting: Future Worship

The Institute held its annual meeting on May 20, 2013, at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. The topic for the meeting was “Future Worship in WELS.”

Our synod has just begun working on a new hymnal to be published in 2024. The project will take ten years and will shape the nature and character of our worship for another twenty. At the IWO we believe public worship has a profound impact on our outreach efforts, and we wanted explore the future of worship in WELS at our annual meeting.

2012 Annual Institute meeting held

The Institute met for its 2012 Annual meeting on May 21, in Mequon, WI. The meeting focused on three new papers commissioned by the Institute for study by its members and the ministerium of the WELS. The papers by Prof. Brenner, President Treptow, and Prof. Tiefel will all be posted to the Institute website over the next three weeks.

An active month for the Institute

Institute members will be active around the synod during the early winter:

Bryan Gerlach and Aaron Christie, Lake Mills, WI
Donn Dobberstein, Lansing, MI
Chuck Westra, Portland, OR
Aaron Christie, Jonathan Schroeder, Madison WI
Michael Hintz, David Scharf, Mike Geiger, James Huebner, Daniel Leyrer, Donn Dobberstein, Bryan Gerlach, Jonathan Schroeder in New Ulm, MN for Evangelism Day
Adam Mueller, David Scharf, Jonathan Schroeder at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Mission and Ministry
David Scharf, FVL Christian Leadership Workshops

New Essays and Articles

Take a look a our new essays and articles.

The Institute presented to the Pacific Northwest District

In June, Pastors Schroeder and Christie presented to the Pacific Northwest District Pastor-Teacher-Delegate convention in Tacoma, Washington.

Pastor Christie planned and led the opening Pentecost service with Pastor Schroeder preaching on the theme, “Let God do the counting.”

They presented two essays on Worship and Outreach and each conducted a practical workshop. Pastor Christie presented on “Creative Worship for the small parish,” and Schroeder led, “Reaching Out through worship.” See the Speakers Bureau (link needed.)

Listening Sessions - A Summary

In keeping with its stated objective, namely, “to assist and encourage pastors as they strive for excellence in public worship and mission outreach,” the Institute for Worship and Outreach hosted a series of listening sessions in the spring of 2010. Eleven listening sessions were held in ten of the twelve districts of our synod. At each listening session, two members of the Institute for Worship and Outreach were present. One served as the leader of the discussion. The other served as the scribe. A local pastor was asked to invite pastors from his area to participate in the discussion.

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