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Ash Wednesday


Lent: A time for giving up sin

You often hear about people “giving something up” for Lent. Usually it’s some minor, insignificant vice like sweets. However, during Lent God calls us to give up something much more serious: our sin. We do that through repentance, which consists both of acknowledging our sin and confidently turning to Christ as our Savior for forgiveness. Repentance is something that is vital for Christians on a daily basis. It cannot wait until tomorrow. The time for repentance is now.

Lenten Season Worship Suggestions


We’re providing this seasonal resource to aid parish pastors in their worship planning. The specific purpose of this resource is to give parish pastors ideas and resources that are:

  • Accessible. As an outlying district, most of our congregations are smaller than average. We aim to provide musical suggestions with which just about any congregation with any level of musical talent can work.

Easter Vigil Worship Suggestions

Christian Worship: Occasional Services includes an order for the Easter Vigil along with much of the historical background and meaning of the service. Start there. The service has built-in flexibility that will allow you adapt the service to suit your congregation’s needs.
There are many accessible musical resources available that are tailored for the Easter Vigil. Some of them are included in Christian Worship: Occasional Services. Here are a few others:

Easter Festival Worship Suggestions

Easter is the chief festival day of the year. Make every effort to make it look and feel and sound like the chief day of the year! To quote Emeril: Kick it up a notch. Could the pastor wear a special stole? Might this be an opportunity to process in on this day? What about special banners or tapestry? Choirs and musicians are used to pulling out all the stops. Consider what might be done to pull out the stops in the visual arts or an enriched liturgical practice. (Speaking of pulling out all the stops, remember that playing EVERYTHING loud soon makes everything sound the same.

Easter Service Folder Examples

Making a quality service folder serves both God’s people and any unchurched visitors you have. Excellence in design is a reflection of the love we have for Christ and our commitment to bringing him the best of our abilities. A service folder helps God’s people by allowing worship variety in an accessible format.

Worship Planning - It's coming soon!

Long range planning on the way

If you like the look of some of the sample worship planning resources that we have, look for more in the coming weeks from Pastor Aaron Christie. We asked him to provide us a bit of sample material, to let you look it over and give us your reaction.

We’ve asked Pastor Christie to give us the festivals first, and then Sunday by Sunday planning.

The Third Sunday in End Time - Saints Triumphant

Opening Hymn

Opening Hymn
Around the Throne, a Glorious Band (CW 549)


Isaiah 52:1-6
Without money you will be redeemed

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
We will be with the Lord forever

Matthew 25:1-13
The parable of the ten virgins

Psalm 84 - Hymnal p. 96

The Fourth Sunday of End Time - Christ the King

Opening Hymn

There Is a Higher Throne
CWS 727


Ezekiel 34:11-16, 23-24
A Shepherd-King will comfort the Lord’s people

1 Corinthians 15:20-28
All things are subject to Christ

Matthew 27:27-31
Christ reigns even in his suffering

Psalm 47 - Hymnal p. 85

The Second Sunday of Advent

Bulletin Announcement Explaining the Season of Advent:

You might wonder what the Season of Advent is all about. Christmas decorations are already out in all the stores. Why not just start singing Christmas carols this weekend at church?

The First Sunday in Advent

Bulletin Announcement Explaining the Season of Advent

You might wonder what the Season of Advent is all about. Christmas decorations are already out in all the stores. Why not just start singing Christmas carols this weekend at church?The season of Advent is a season of preparation. Advent (Latin for “coming”) helps us prepare for the high festival of Christmas much like Lent helps us prepare for Easter. The roots of Advent go back all the way to the 400’s in France and Italy. The length of Advent was fixed at four weeks by about 600 A.D. There are three major themes to Advent:

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