Lent 6C


Give up opposition; welcome the King

Lent 5C


Give up arrogant formalism; keep your connection to the Savior

Lent 4C


Give up self-righteousness; celebrate mercy

Lent 3C


Give up false security; repent lest you fall

Lent 2C


Give up cowardly comfort; boldly embrace the cross

Lent 1C


Give up materialism; worship the Lord and serve him only

Ash Wednesday


Lent: A time for giving up sin

You often hear about people “giving something up” for Lent. Usually it’s some minor, insignificant vice like sweets. However, during Lent God calls us to give up something much more serious: our sin. We do that through repentance, which consists both of acknowledging our sin and confidently turning to Christ as our Savior for forgiveness. Repentance is something that is vital for Christians on a daily basis. It cannot wait until tomorrow. The time for repentance is now.

Lenten Season Worship Suggestions


We’re providing this seasonal resource to aid parish pastors in their worship planning. The specific purpose of this resource is to give parish pastors ideas and resources that are:

  • Accessible. As an outlying district, most of our congregations are smaller than average. We aim to provide musical suggestions with which just about any congregation with any level of musical talent can work.
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