Time of Easter, A


Year A


Easter Vigil Worship Suggestions

Christian Worship: Occasional Services includes an order for the Easter Vigil along with much of the historical background and meaning of the service. Start there. The service has built-in flexibility that will allow you adapt the service to suit your congregation’s needs.
There are many accessible musical resources available that are tailored for the Easter Vigil. Some of them are included in Christian Worship: Occasional Services. Here are a few others:

Easter Festival Worship Suggestions

Easter is the chief festival day of the year. Make every effort to make it look and feel and sound like the chief day of the year! To quote Emeril: Kick it up a notch. Could the pastor wear a special stole? Might this be an opportunity to process in on this day? What about special banners or tapestry? Choirs and musicians are used to pulling out all the stops. Consider what might be done to pull out the stops in the visual arts or an enriched liturgical practice. (Speaking of pulling out all the stops, remember that playing EVERYTHING loud soon makes everything sound the same.

Easter Service Folder Examples

Making a quality service folder serves both God’s people and any unchurched visitors you have. Excellence in design is a reflection of the love we have for Christ and our commitment to bringing him the best of our abilities. A service folder helps God’s people by allowing worship variety in an accessible format.

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